• Hundreds of thousands of children in Ethiopia have heart disease but there is little treatment available.
  • We work with partners to train healthcare professionals in Ethiopia to treat heart disease in children, and prevent it when possible.
  • Our efforts will enable Ethiopians to provide long term, sustainable care for their children.



We think that the future of individuals should not be bleak, just because they are Ethiopians, born to Ethiopians and living in Ethiopia. If we can bring our good will, our knowledge and our resources together, we can change this reality.

Dr. Belay Abegaz,
Pediatric Cardiologist and Founder,
Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia

Latest News

Our 2017 Year-End Report

We’re proud of our 2017 accomplishments. In June, the Ethiopian pediatric cardiac surgery team completed their training in India. Their skills are strong and they now work independently at our partner cardiac center in Addis Ababa. They will save hundreds of children’s lives each year, and train

• Meet Abu

The surgical team knew that Abu was a standout as they walked with him into the operating room for his heart surgery. He jumped onto the operating table, grinned, and waved. That was a first for the surgical team. Abu’s eyes sparkled with humor. He

• U.S. Team Goes To Ethiopia

Dr. Vib Kshettry and members of his surgical team from the Minneapolis Heart Institute will travel to Addis Ababa in September 2017 for two weeks, to support the new Ethiopian cardiac surgery team and continue their training.  The U.S. and Ethiopian teams will work side